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EPEX attracts attention with a pre-release before a first full album!

After a sixth mini-album, "Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2: Can we surrender?", released in the fall of 2023 and marking the end of a first era, EPEX announces a new song!

groupe sud coréen EPEX

As a new beginning, EPEX announces its new song, "Graduation Day", which is scheduled for release on February 5!

While EPEX ended the “Prelude of” series with its sixth mini-album, “Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2: Can we surrender?” released last October, it seems that the group is now looking towards a new chapter in their career: adulthood. "Graduation Day", with its concept photos illustrating the members of the group as students ready to leave school, is intended to be a perfect introduction to the octet's first full album.

For the moment, there is no more information on this new opus. It should, however, see the light of day in the first half of 2024, closing six consecutive mini-albums and commemorating the first three years of EPEX's career!

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