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Excitement builds for PUZZLE's debuts!

Composed of seven members: Sulhee, Chaerin, Honoka, Mizuki, Yeonseo, Wony and Roko, PUZZLE is the result of a collaboration between the Korean groups HeyGirl and We;Na, along with the Japanese group Secret School.

groupe sud coréen et japonais PUZZLE

The name "PUZZLE" isn't chosen randomly. It symbolizes the different pieces that each member brings, assembled to create an entirely new group. Their debut begins with a digital single titled "Savior". But the announcement doesn't stop there; the agency also reveals that PUZZLE will start this new journey with a tour in Japan and Thailand. A bold way to make a memorable debut! To boost the group's promotion, individual MV teasers are unveiled on social media. A unique opportunity to discover more about the members of the group even before their official debut. The anticipation for PUZZLE's first single is fueling growing excitement. We're thrilled to discover what this group has in store for us.

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