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Fantasy Boys is back with a new mini-album !

Fantasy Boys, the group formed after the show "My Teenage Boy/Fantasy Boys", is already making waves with its very first announced a comeback.

groupe sud coréen Fantasy Boys

Composed of 11 members under the PocketDol Studio agency, the group debuted on September 21, 2023, with a mini-album titled "NEW TOMORROW".

Just a few weeks after their debut, the agency surprises fans by announcing their very first comeback scheduled for November. The date to mark on the calendar is November 24, when the group will make their return with a new mini-album titled "Potential".

According to the agency, this album promises to be exceptional, featuring tracks from collaborations with well-known names such as Albin Nordqvist and Gabriel Brandes, famous for their contributions to groups like TWICE, NCT 127, Stray Kids, BTS, and TXT. The musical quality of Fantasy Boys seems to be on point right from the start.

Fantasy Boys' explosive debut hints at a promising future, and fans' eagerness for this comeback is already palpable.

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