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First 2024 release for Stray Kids with a digital single!

After a year 2023 full of emotions for Stray Kids, the group returns this spring with a new digital single!

Groupe sud coréen Stray Kids

After a year 2023 rich in emotions and achievements, Stray Kids returns with the release of a new digital single. Scheduled for May 10, this new opus, entitled “Lose My Breath”, will be produced featuring singer Charlie Puth.

Beyond the announcement of this new title, this news supports the direction taken by Stray Kids in recent months: that of the international market! While the album "5-STAR", released in June 2023, propelled the group to the forefront of the international musical world, allowing it to be classified as Disque D'Or in France or even to perform at the top of poster of the famous Lollapalooza festival, last July 21 at the Longchamps Hippodrome, "Lose My Breath" marks Stray Kids' entry into the mainstream universe. Like groups such as BTS or BLACKPINK, the octet surrounds itself with international artists to achieve new milestones. And Charlie Puth is not a random choice since he signed, about 2 years ago, the title “Left and Right” featuring Jungkook from BTS.

Stray Kids therefore continues its international rise while rumors of a European tour multiply. Remember that, despite their second world tour straddling the years 2022 and 2023, the group only performed in France during festivals...

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