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First meeting with KIM JONGHYEON, two months after his 2nd mini-album.

As a message of love to his fans, the &U, singer KIM JONGHYEON opens up in an interview two months after the release of his second mini-album!

Kim JongHyeon chanteur sud coréen

KRM - It's been over a decade since you've been in the music scene, which has evolved significantly, especially in its global expansion. How do you view this evolution and how has it influenced you?

KJH - As you mentioned, various aspects of the music industry, such as song formats and length, have undergone significant changes over the past decade. Among those changes, I’d like to discuss a change that I experienced, in terms of “Contents”. In contrast to my debut era, now there is trend called “Challenges” that allow anyone to easily showcase their songs and choreography. During the recent album promotional period, I had the pleasure of engaging in challenges with many artists, creating enjoyable and memorable experiences. The evolving nature of the industry, especially in terms of accessible challenges, has been a source of gratitude and delight for me.

Kim JongHyeon chanteur sud coréen

KRM - Beyond this market, how have you personally evolved? You're returning at the beginning of this year with your second solo EP, more than ten years after your debut...

KJH - I still feel that I am in the process of personal growth. Despite having bunch of experiences as an artist for over a decade, there are still many aspects that I haven't explored, and I believe there is much more for me to learn. Through numerous experiences, I sense that I am gradually maturing and evolving step by step.

KRM - These two albums have the particularity of conveying warmth. "Meridiem" is associated with the afternoon and thus has a sense of sunshine, while "Brilliant Seasons" can refer to seasons like summer and spring. Is this second album a continuation of the first and reflects the same energy?

KJH - This second album, "Brilliant Seasons", can be seen as a continuation of my first album, "MERIDIEM". Both albums were crafted with my hope of bringing happiness and joy to listeners, including my beloved &U. I think both albums convey the warm energy even more effectively through the encounter with great songs in this latest album.

KRM - You were fully involved in the creation of this new album. What did it bring you to be able to be involved in the creative process? Is "Brilliant Seasons" more personal than "MERIDIEM"?

KJH - Being involved in the album creation process not only increases my passion for the project but also allows me to infuse my thoughts into the music, which I consider a significant advantage. I hope to continue creating music that resonates with many people in the future.

Kim JongHyeon chanteur sud coréen

KRM - You were a part of the group NU'EST for a long time. Were you not afraid to launch as a solo artist? Was it something you had dreamed of before?

KJH - Certainly, I was a bit nervous about going solo. However, having the constant support of my fans has been a significant source of strength, and now I am enjoying my solo endeavors with joy and enthusiasm.

KRM - During your time with NU'EST, you had the chance to perform in Europe and especially in Paris. Do you have any special memories of meeting your European fans?

KJH - I had the chance to perform in Europe a while back, and the vivid memories of the enthusiastic cheers and passionate engagement from the audience still resonate with me. Additionally, the delicious food I had in Europe is something that I remember with great affection! 😃

KRM - You are close to your fans, the &Us. Do you plan to meet your European fans in the near or distant future?

KJH - I believe the more opportunities there are to meet with the &Us, the better! Wherever it may be, if a good opportunity arises, I am always open to meeting and connecting with them.

KRM - We're still at the beginning of 2024. Do you have any surprises planned for your fans? Another release, perhaps?

KJH - It's still been a short while since the album promotion period concluded, so it's a bit early to share specific details. However, I aim to create a year with even more surprises and gifts for &Us compared to last year.

KRM - To conclude this interview, do you have a final message for your fans and for those who will discover you through this interview?

KJH - I'm truly grateful to all the supportive &Us who have always been a great source of strength for me. I will continue to give my best in every moment to showcase various aspects “Kim Jonghyeon” not only as a musician, but also as an actor. Love you all. 😃

Kim JongHyeon chanteur sud coréen

The entire KARAOME team would like to thank Kim JongHyeon and EVERMORE Entertainment for making this interview possible.

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