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(G)I-DLE continues its rise with the announcement of its second full album!

Eight months after the resounding release of "Queencard", and less than two after that of "I NEVER DIE", (G)I-DLE announces its second full album!

Groupe sud coréen (G)I-DLE comeback "2"

Since the pink wave created by the success of the title "Queencard", (G)I-DLE is on all fronts. The group, and its members, have a series of partnerships and collaborations, whether with luxury brands, South Korean brands or even restaurant chains. Thus propelled onto the big stage of the international music market, (G)I-DLE returns at the start of the year with the release of its second full album.

Soberly titled “2”, it will be officially available from January 29. For the moment, the mystery remains about the atmosphere and the universe of this opus. The first clues emerged on January 15 with the sharing of the first photo concept. We find the five members of (G)I-DLE in dark and sexy outfits which give off an impression of daring under the aegis of a femme fatale, strong and authoritarian. Other photo concepts will be revealed in the coming days. They will be followed by the tracklist on January 18, a first teaser on the 21st and, finally, the MV teasers on January 25 and 26.

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