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(G)-IDLE unveils several dates in Europe!

A few weeks after the release of the title "Queencard", the group (G)-IDLE announces European dates for its WorldTour.

A few weeks ago, (G)-IDLE announced its new world-tour starting in Korea and continuing in America. Then, two weeks later, followed his comeback with "I feel" and his title "Queencard". However, the young women still had surprises in store, including additional dates for this famous tour.

Indeed, a few days ago, when new promotional photos of the upcoming tour were posted, it was the turner AEG Presents who created the surprise by sharing additional dates. European fans, get ready!

The 5 young women will be present for five dates including September 13 in Paris. For the Belgians, the girls will perform in Brussels on the 16th of the same month.

For the moment, information concerning the room and the sale of tickets have not been shared. We will have to wait a bit.

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