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(G)-IDLE is preparing its sixth album!

After the success of "I Love" released last November, (G)-IDLE returns with the announcement of their sixth opus!

It was expected! The comeback of (G)-IDLE is now confirmed!

The five young women will return in the middle of May, on the 15th, with a sixth album, entitled "I feel". For the moment, little information on this opus. The announcement was shared with the visual of a playing card, depicting a Queen of Spades who is, usually, a stiff and resigned older woman, full of resentment. A meaning that contrasts with the pink color of the visual. In any case, it seems that (G)-IDLE promises us a mature and feminine opus.

Also note that "I feel" will be the first opus of a new series of achievements. Promising news for fans as the MV of “Nxde” has just exceeded 200 million views on YouTube, attesting to the (G)-IDLE fever!

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