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(G)-IDLE unveils the first dates of its world-tour!

After the announcement of a new opus for the next month, the five members of (G)-IDLE announce a world tour.

While at this very moment the group is in full promotion of the release of its new opus, "I Feel", scheduled for May 15, (G)-IDLE has just satisfied part of its international audience by announcing, via photos and videos, a new world tour.

Indeed, it is via the official Twitter and Instagram accounts that the quintet unveils the first dates and cities of its new "I am Free-Ty" tour. This will begin on June 17 and 18 in Seoul. This world tour will go through Bangkok and Hong Kong for Asia but also Los Angeles, Dallas or even Chicago for North America and many more.

At the moment, there are no European dates mentioned. However, the "and more" present on the poster arouses the enthusiasm and impatience of fans from the old continent. Let's hope CUBE Entertainment doesn't forget them!

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