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GHOST9 unveils a first teaser for its comeback!

After more than a year without achievements, GHOST9 announces its comeback, scheduled for mid-October.

groupe sud coréen GHOST9

It was in 2020 that GHOST9 was formed by Maroo Entertainment. Initially composed of nine members, the group has only had seven members for two years now. This past September 23, the young men celebrated their third career anniversary. The perfect opportunity for the band to announce their next comeback!

Indeed, a few days ago, GHOST9 published the first teaser to announce the release of its seventh mini-album. We continue in the series of "ARCADE" opuses with this one which will be entitled "ARCADE: O", and whose release date is scheduled for October 25. This new opus will include no less than six tracks and in particular the title track, “RUCKUS”. You can check out snippets of the songs in the teaser below.

Furthermore, GHOST9 will perform in Japan for two exceptional concerts linked to this release. The group will take the stage at Gorilla Hall in Osaka on November 25, and at Ushigome Tansu Civic Hall in Tokyo the next day.

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