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HYBE and Belift Lab are back with a new survival show!

This new survival show will show the creation of the brand new female group of HYBE.

In 2020, Belift Lab organized I-LAND, a survival show where 23 boys competed to be part of the 7 to start in the final group: ENHYPEN.

It is therefore 3 years after the agency has just announced a brand new survival show called “R U Next?” which will put 22 girls between the ages of 12 and 21 in competition with the aim of creating the “next global girl group”. The show will also have 5 coaches and will be hosted by Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation.

It has also been announced that the very first episode will be broadcast on June 30. You can already vote for your 6 favorite candidates on Weverse!

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