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ICU announces its autumnal return!

In an announcement that took fans by surprise, the group ICU unveils their highly anticipated comeback for this fall!

groupe sud coréen ICU

ICU, a group under Liz Entertainment, consists of four members: Abin, Maye, Chae-i, and Miku. What sets this group apart is the agency's intention to gradually add new members. Their journey began in October 2019, and since then, they have spared no effort. Their latest release dates back to this summer, in August, with a single titled "Summer Time". The group now announces the release of their third album, "Anti Hero", which will be available starting November 20!

The promotion for this album has already kicked off with conceptual photos. According to their announcements, fans can also expect two MV teasers on November 13 and 16. Enough to reignite the flame of excitement among their admirers.

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