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It’s TAEYONG’s turn to make his solo comeback!

While TEN, his sidekick within NCT, releases his first solo mini-album tomorrow, TAEYONG announces his second opus!

Chanteur sud coréen TAEYONG

In less than twenty-four hours, TEN will release its first mini-album, “TEN”. Faced with this deadline, it's TAEYONG's turn to announce the release of his second solo mini-album!

The first, “SHALALA”, was released in June 2023 and was particularly well received by the public, exceeding half a million copies sold and reaching the top positions in the international iTunes Charts. Faced with this success, the singer announces the upcoming production of a new opus! Entitled “TAP”, it will be officially released on February 26. Very involved, TAEYONG invested himself in writing the lyrics but also the composition of the six pieces present.

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