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Jin Akanishi is gearing up for a long-awaited comeback after 4 years!

The Japanese singer Jin Akanishi announces his musical comeback with a new album titled "YELLOW NOTE", scheduled for release on December 27th.

chanteuse japonais Jin Akanishi

A former member of the group KAT_TUN, Jin Akanishi has established himself as a solo artist with international acclaim, well-known in Japan and the United States.

After a four-year hiatus since his last album, Jin has been far from idle. He marked his 10th anniversary with a memorable concert at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo earlier this summer.

This new release is highly anticipated by fans who have patiently waited for quite some time. The album features 12 tracks, with "Can I" as the lead single. The music video for this song will indeed be released starting from December 13th.

This album will be available on three editions, including a regular edition and two limited editions with DVDs or Blu-rays containing bonuses still kept secret, adding to the excitement for fans.

The four-year wait comes to an end, hinting at a powerful comeback for Jin Akanishi and a new musical journey to savor for his dedicated fans.

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