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JOOHONEY's first mini album!

MONSTA X member, JOOHONEY, announces the upcoming release of his first solo mini-album!

More than four months after the release of MONSTA X's twelfth mini-album, "REASON", carried by the title track "Beautiful Liar", JOOHONEY is preparing his solo comeback with "LIGHTS"!

Founding member of the famous boy band active since 2015, JOOHONEY is not at his solo debut. From MONSTA X's first year of activity, the rapper produced "Jungji" carried by, in particular, "Pause" in feat with Black Nut or "Stay Strong" with rapper Flowsik. Since then, JOOHONEY has become accustomed to digital releases, the latest being "OUR GAME" featuring KIHYUN, another member of MONSTA X.

Less than two years after his last solo release, "PSYCHE", JOOHONEY announces his first mini-album. Entitled "LIGHTS", it will be available from May 22! For the moment, only the teaser poster is available. Far from the dark universe of "PSYCHE", it seems that "LIGHTS" opens a new chapter in the career of the young man, perhaps brighter.

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