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KAMIJO is preparing his next single after celebrating ten years of career!

Start of a busy year for KAMIJO who created a surprise with two releases and his return to Europe!

chanteur japonais KAMIJO

After a year 2023 dedicated to celebrations around its tenth career anniversary, it is time for KAMIJO to look forward to the coming months! While he made his last album, “OSCAR”, more than a year ago, in September 2022, the Japanese soloist announces the upcoming release of a new single!

Entitled “美しい日々の欠片”, this opus will be available from January 31. According to the official KAMIJO website, it will be a winter ballad that talks about the suffering felt during the loss of a loved one. It comes in three versions including a limited version accompanied by a DVD including 20 live songs from the concert on August 28. In this regard, this final show, closing the "LOUIS XVII" tour given on the occasion of KAMIJO's tenth anniversary, will be released in DVD and Blu-Ray format on the same date, January 31.

Furthermore, KAMIJO has announced its big return to Europe! Little information available at the moment except for the dates: see you on June 5 in Paris!

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