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KPopLux reduces its duration and reveals its line-up!

In less than a month, the London edition of KpopLux will be held! Focus on the essential information to remember and its line-up!

Affiche Kpop Lux Festival à Londres septembre 2023

After a summer edition organized in Madrid on July 22, KPop Lux is packing its bags in London! Initially planned over three days, from September 22 to 24, the festival announces the removal of the last day, thus allowing a tighter schedule on Friday and Saturday.

The line-up of this new edition of KpopLux will welcome no less than ten groups/artists. That's two more than this summer. Note that a mystery artist, who will perform on Friday, September 22, has not yet been revealed. Young groups enjoy a special place since THE BOYZ, ZEROBASEONE and xikers are among the guests. Note that xikers was already present this summer in Madrid. They will be accompanied by ITZY, WEi, TXT, ONEUS, Billlie and YENA. Note that women's groups remain in the minority, once again, for this edition. This summer, STAY C and IVE were the only female formations to perform on a total of seven guests... Greater parity could be greatly appreciated for the next times.

Friday September 22

THE BOYZ / ITZY / WEi / ZEROBASEONE / xikers / Artiste mystère

Saturday September 23

TXT / ITZY / ONEUS / YENA / xikers / Billlie

Tickets are still available on the official festival website: HERE.

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