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Kyuhyun (Super Junior) gears up for a fresh start!

Kyuhyun, the main vocalist of SuperJunior, announces the imminent release of his brand-new EP!

Kyuhyun, membre de SuperJunior, pour son comeback "Restart"

The news sent fans into excitement on December 14, creating a wave of anticipation for what promises to be an exceptional comeback.

Titled "Restart" and set to drop on January 9th, the EP is not just a simple comeback but also carries profound symbolism. It marks Kyuhyun's first work under his new agency, Antenna, which he recently joined at the beginning of the year.

The promotional engine is already in full swing with the release of the usual concept photos and the revelation of the tracklist. However, fans eagerly await concept films, an interview, and, of course, teasers that will undoubtedly fuel the excitement surrounding this highly anticipated comeback.

This new EP by Kyuhyun is shaping up to be a true restart, a fresh beginning for the artist. Stay tuned for all the surprises Kyuhyun and his EP "Restart" have in store for their devoted fans.

It's a comeback not to be missed, marking a new milestone in the solo career of this talented artist. Especially since his last solo achievement dates back to January 2022, when he was still under contract with SM Entertainment.

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