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LE SSERAFIM announces its comeback!

After the release of its first album, the girls-band, LE SSERAFIM, announces its comeback!

groupe féminin sud coréen LE SSERAFIM

It is in 2022 that LE SSERAFIM begins with six members, then will finally move into quintet format, two weeks later. On May 2 of that same year, "Fearless" was released, the first EP which quickly became an international hit with no less than 175,000 copies sold in just one day.

A year later, the young women released their first album, "Unforgiven", which contains the title "Ève, Psyche & The Bluebeard's wife", which will also benefit from a trend on the Chinese social network, TikTok.

A few months later, LE SSERAFIM held its first tour, "LE SSERAFIM Tour: Flame Rises", which ended at the beginning of October. After this first success on stage, the group announces its next comeback.

On October 27, the digital single, “Perfect Night”, will be released, of which you can already find the first concept photos.

Furthermore, this comeback will, unfortunately, be made with four members since Kim Chaewon has paused her activities. Following hospitalization, she must take rest to recover. We wish him a good recovery !

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