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LIMELIGHT unveils its upcoming comeback!

The girl group LIMELIGHT, affiliated with 143 Entertainment, is gearing up to make headlines with an exciting announcement.

Groupe sud coréen LIMELIGHT pour le comeback LAST DANCE

Formed at the beginning of 2023 with three founding members, MiU, Suhye, and Gaen, LIMELIGHT stands out for its uniqueness: there is no set limit on the total number of members in the group. This flexibility promises an evolving dynamic and the potential for new talents to join the group.

However, before exploring new recruits, LIMELIGHT plans to leave a lasting impression with a comeback in January 2024. January 11th will be the day when the group unveils their third EP titled "Last Dance".

This comeback holds special significance as it marks the group's final release as a trio. LIMELIGHT has officially announced its intention to add new members to the group, paving the way for an exciting new phase in their musical journey.

Fans can expect to be transported into a new era of LIMELIGHT's music as the group prepares for this final comeback as a trio before reinventing themselves with fresh talents.

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