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LiSA invites herself on Stray Kids' first Japanese EP!

For its first Japanese EP, Stray Kids announces an exclusive collaboration with pop-rock singer, LiSA!

While Stray Kids has just established its international notoriety by becoming the first South Korean group to perform as the headliner of the French edition of Lollapalooza, the band announces the release of its first Japanese EP. And what could be better than to surround yourself with a Japanese figure whose fame is second to none! LiSA joins Stray Kids on the main title of this opus, "Social Path". The one who conquered thousands of people around the world with, in particular, the openings of the anime Demon Slayer, thus opens the doors of South Korea. A win-win relationship for these two behemoths of the Asian music industry!

This EP will be released on September 6 and is already in the Top Sales of the Japanese site, CD Japan. "Social Path" will be accompanied by two other titles: "Super Bowl - Japanese Version", "Butterflies" completed by the instrumental versions of the songs.

Already known abroad by anime fans, this collaboration could allow LiSA to meet a wider audience, especially in Europe, and why to consider performing there. All you have to do is cross your fingers!

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