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Lonesome_blue unveils the MV of “Face the Fear”!

Lonesome_blue has been releasing releases since its debut a few months ago, and announces the production of its first album!

The young female Japanese rock quartet, Lonesome_blue, released a few days ago the music video for “Face the Fear”. This track is taken from the band's debut studio album, “Second to None”, which is scheduled for release on December 21st. Internationally, it will be distributed by JPU Records from January 13, 2023. This version will also be accompanied by a video available on demand.

Face the Fear” is the first track to come from this debut album. It is also the first Lonesome_blue song to contain Japanese lyrics! All the previous achievements being entirely in English… The nine other tracks of “Second to None” will also contain passages in Japanese. Note, finally, that "Welcome to Heavenly Secret Base" will be present.

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