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LOVEBITES announces a world tour with a visit to Paris on June 25!

For the first time in its career, LOVEBITES will meet its French fans during two performances, including a headlining concert!

Groupe japonais LOVEBITES

Formed in 2015, the group of five women officially debuted in 2017 with “The Apocalypse”. He then released his first album, “AWAKENING FROM ABYSS”, the same year. LOVEBITES quickly established itself as one of the best-known female metal groups in Japan, allowing them to explode on the international scene.

On January 1, the group announced on its social networks its arrival at the famous French metal festival, Hellfest. Delighting its French fans with this news, LOVEBITES completes this first announcement with a second: that of another date in France.

Indeed, it is on June 25 that LOVEBITES will perform on the Leather Goods stage, allowing fans who cannot be there at the festival to still have the chance to applaud them on French soil for this first appearance. Tickets are already available for sale: HERE.

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