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LUCY is preparing for the start of the school year with a fourth EP!

Between the many drama OSTs that the group signs, LUCY finds the time to produce a fourth EP!

groupe coréen LUCY

Although the group has just celebrated its three-year career, LUCY's discography is no less impressive! In addition to his various achievements, it is his numerous participations in the original soundtracks that make his current fame. In its first year, the group signed the title "I Don't Wanna Heart You" from the drama Detective Zombie. Since then, LUCY has had a string of successful appearances, the latest being with the drama Miraculous Brothers, currently being broadcast.

Despite this, the quartet is working on its own opus! LUCY also released her third EP, "INSERT COIN", on February 23rd. EP whose title track, "Unbelievable", has just reached one million views on YouTube. Six months later, the formation returns with the forthcoming release of a fourth opus.

Entitled "", it will be available from August 17 and will contain four new unreleased songs: "뜨거", "아지랑이", "Magic" and "내버려". The four tracks have different sounds and promise, once again, a release rich in emotions, signature of LUCY!

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