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MCND announces its return after one year!

MCND, a group under TOP Media consisting of five members, announces its comeback for the month of November!

groupe sud coréen mcnd

Indeed, at the beginning of the fall season, MCND reveals their return with a fifth mini-album titled "ODD-VENTURE", set for November 22. This comeback marks its first release in over a year, building anticipation among fans since its last album, "The Earth: Secret Mission Chapter.2", released in July 2022. Remember that MCND had already visited Europe with a tour in April 2022, including a total of 7 dates, with one in Paris!

planning promotionnel comeback mcnd

November 8 marked the start of the promotional campaign for MCND's comeback, with the release of the first concept photos and the commencement of album pre-orders. On November 13, the complete list of songs from the album is revealed. In preparation for the official release of the mini-album, trailers, video clip teasers, and much more will be unveiled, fueling the anticipation of fans for this highly anticipated return.

After more than a year of waiting, the excitement among fans is reaching its peak. The palpable anticipation, coupled with their recent European tour, sparks the imagination of the possibility of a new visit to Europe.

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