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Miku Ito announces the release of a new single!

Voice known to all big anime fan, Miku Ito announces the release of a new single!

Chanteuse japonaise Miku Ito

Have you watched the following anime? Black Bullet (2014), SAO Alicization (2018) or, more recently, The Quintessential Quintuplets season 2 (2021)? If so, you have already heard, and appreciated, the voice of Miku Ito. The young woman, singer since 2013, turned to anime dubbing and acting from 2014!

Regarding her musical career, Miku Ito released her fourth album, entitled "This One's For You", at the start of 2023. She returns, at the end of summer, with the announcement of a new single. This new opus, which is scheduled for release on October 11, will be his eleventh single and will bear the name “Ten To Sen”.

You can find Miku Ito on her Instagram profile while waiting for more information to be revealed.

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