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Minho (SHINee) returns with a winter single!

A few weeks after TAEMIN's solo release with "Guilty", it's Minho's turn to return to the forefront!

Minho, membre de SHINee

One year after the success of his first mini-album, “CHASE”, released on December 12, 2022 and carried by the title of the same name, Minho returns with a new title!

This new single is called “Stay for a night” and will be available to listen to from January 6. This title is described as a song that will warm hearts during this cold winter thanks to a melody mixing R'n'B influences and guitar riffs. All carried by the calm voice of Minho... Who also wrote the lyrics of this title!

Given the success of "CHASE" last year, "Stay for a night" should receive a welcome as warm as its atmosphere!

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