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NCT WISH debuts this February 28 with a first digital single!

After the release of the single "Hands Up" to prepare for their debut, the Japanese unit NCT WISH returns with a first digital single.

Sous unité japonaise NCT WISH

You all know NCT and its many units! In this new year, we welcome the new Japanese unit, NCT WISH, composed of six members. It is in 2023 that these young singers sign with SMAvex and release a first opus "Hands Up" to prepare for their debut in 2024.

Indeed, on February 28, the group will release its first digital single which will mark the debut of NCT WISH. This opus will be titled “WISH: With you”. You can already find the teaser photos on the group's official Instagram account. More information will be revealed in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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