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New comeback for the TEMPEST group!

On February 16, two weeks after its Japanese comeback, TEMPEST announced the release of its next mini-album, “TEMPEST Voyage”!

Groupe sud coréen TEMPEST

TEMPEST is a group with seven members: Hanbin, Eunchan, Ahn Hyung-seob, Hwarang, Lew, Tae Rae, and Hyuk. Having started on March 2, 2022, the group will soon celebrate its two years of activity!

A few weeks after the release, on January 31, of their latest Japanese digital single, “Baddest Behavior”, the Yuehua Entertainment group announces the production of a fifth mini-album!

With a busy schedule from February 20 to March 8, TEMPEST reveals the publication dates of the various contents of the mini-album. Concept photos and MV teasers, the training leaves a unique clue with an image of a strawberry ice cream accompanied by a message “Coming Soon”!

A comeback, spring, which promises a lot of freshness for March 11!

Pre-orders available on our ASIAN SOUND CONCEPT store from February 27!

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