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NoGoD announces a new album!

After four years without making an album, NoGoD announces the release of a new opus!

As of 2020, NoGoD is not the most active group on the Japanese music scene! Its last studio album, "Proof", dates back to August 2017 when the last mini-album, "Shingeki", was released in 2019. However, two singles were released: "Helix" in 2020 and "I.A.N" last November.

This latest opus even marks NoGod's desire to return to the front of the stage. In line with the departures of Karin (Bass) in 2018 and Kyrie (Guitar) in 2022, this slow period seems to be coming to an end. Indeed, a new member joined the formation: Hibiki since August 2022 replacing Karin on bass. The quartet can also count on the support of guitarist Kohei Iyoda.

Thus, in the form of a quintet, NoGoD announces the upcoming release of a new studio album. Entitled "NoW TESTAMENT", it will be available from April 21 and is already available for pre-order on CDJapan. In addition, a promotional tour will be held in Japan from April 15 to June 3. Enough to fill up with motivation for the five musicians!

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