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OHL collaborates with NCT Dream choreographer for his new song!

Eager to improve the image of Japanese music internationally, the OHL group surrounds itself with the greatest to move forward...

Groupe japonais OHL

The Japanese group OHL continues its rise, taking steps towards its goal: to restore the image of Japanese pop music internationally. To do this, the group made up of seven members does not hesitate to draw inspiration from its colleagues from South Korea by going back to the basics to create modern and exportable J-pop!

Celebrating its third career anniversary on January 29 during a sold-out concert, OHL took the opportunity to reveal its next release, “0”. Two weeks later, the band unveiled the performance video of this new song. The choreography was created in part by KANU, known for working with groups such as NCT Dream, in collaboration with OHL members NAO and RYUSEI. They are not the only ones to be involved in “0”! Indeed, GEN will have managed the entire creative process, from writing the lyrics to mixing, in front of its producer.

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