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OMEGA X, comeback announced for November!

After unveiling its new logo this summer, the OMEGA X group announces its comeback!

Groupe sud coréen OMEGA X

It is in 2021 that the OMEGA X group begins with the agency Spire Entertainment, made up of eleven members who all have a common characteristic: in fact, they have all already been part of groups which are now dissolved.

In the year 2022, OMEGA X stands out, not for its songs, but for the scandal linked to the treatment received by its agency. That same year, the group filed a complaint against Spire Entertainment for harassment. Lawsuit that the group won in 2023 before joining the LPQ Entertainment agency.

It was a tumultuous start but OMEGA X got back up! To mark this new beginning, a new logo is unveiled on the group's official networks. 2023 also marks two years of career for the eleven members who have just announced a new comeback.

This new opus will be the group's third mini album. Entitled “IYKYK”, it will be available on November 7. Also, this same day a promotional show case will take place.

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