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ONE OK ROCK signs the soundtrack of the new Monster Hunter!

ONE OK ROCK returns with a new release, "Make It Out Alive", soundtrack of the new Monster Hunter!

groupe japonais ONE OK ROCK

This second half of 2023 marks the great return of ONE OK ROCK to the front of the music scene! After having accompanied MUSE on its tour, performed 3 times in a row in Paris, including once at the Stade de France, becoming the first Japanese group to perform there, the quartet set off to attack a more wide by signing the soundtrack of the next installment of the Monster Hunter saga.

A true reference in terms of video games, the Monster Hunter license was born in 2004, almost twenty years ago. Many games have succeeded the first bearer of the name, until the next release, Monster Hunter Now, which will be released on September 14.

Signing the soundtrack to such a license is a ticket to international recognition for ONE OK ROCK. The group already enjoys it, especially in North America, where it performs very often, accompanying the big names of the American pop rock scene. After having reconnected with his European public, this collaboration could well allow him to increase his influence on the old continent.

The song "Make It Out Alive" is officially released today. It is available on all streaming platforms.

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