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ONEUS reveals all its qualities to its French audience during its first European tour!

As ONEUS approaches its fifth year in the music industry, the group had the opportunity to showcase all aspects of their personalities to their French audience through a performance divided into several chapters.

Groupe sud coréen ONEUS en concert à Paris le 12 novembre 2023

An eagerly awaited performance!

Among the multitude of concerts organized in recent weeks, ONEUS's performance was particularly anticipated! Present in the South Korean music scene for nearly five years now, the group had been eagerly awaited in Europe. Despite hints of a first visit a few years ago in 2019 when ONEUS toured the United States for the first time, an unnamed health crisis disrupted this exemplary journey, testing the patience of To Moons (the fans). Finally, more than three years later, the much-anticipated meeting took place!

It was challenging to predict in advance whether fans would show up for ONEUS's tour announcement. The concert took place on Sunday, November 12, the same day as the P1Harmony group and the day after the performance of Xdinary Heroes—a busy schedule for genre fans who had to make a choice, as teleportation is not yet possible. Nevertheless, the choice of the venue was judicious. The event, held at the famous Salle Pleyel in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, known for its acoustics, brought together more than 2,400 people! A remarkable achievement for a first visit in a competitive period.

A concert start far from the Parisian gloom!

Despite a rainy wait, fans, brimming with energy, took over the venue, filling the pit and balconies. An hour after the doors opened for general admission, the hall plunged into darkness illuminated by the cheers of the audience. In a European setting, ONEUS made their entrance with "Baïla Conmingo", the flagship track from their latest EP, "La Dolce Vita", released on September 26. The sunny notes swept away the afternoon's inclement weather, confirming to the audience that after the rain comes sunshine. Then, the rhythm of "ERASE ME" electrified the audience as the hall was bathed in blue. Acclaimed by the entire audience, ONEUS took a first break, greeting and exchanging a few words.

Unexpected, this intermission surprised many but served as an introduction to the sensual "SIMULATION". The lascivious notes and choreography were just as captivating as they raised the temperature. In the same vibe, "FULL MOON" followed, from the "MALUS" album released in September 2022 just before rapper Ravn's departure. It was followed by a second speech. A new surprise, given the close proximity of the two intermissions, but quickly overshadowed by the iconic "Valkyrie", the title track of the group's very first EP, "LIGHT US", released in 2019. This track remains the most streamed in the quintet's discography on Spotify to date with over 27 million listens!

Groupe sud coréen ONEUS en concert à Paris le 12 novembre 2023

A balanced setlist with multiple flavors

This trip down memory lane allows ONEUS to embark on a retrospective of its discography. After making fans wait for over three years, the group had to present itself in its entirety. What better way, then, than to perform their old songs like "LUNA" and "Lit", which also highlight South Korean culture with a traditional staging. Beyond the journey in 2020 and 2021, these two performances showcase a new facet of ONEUS: that of a group that, when singing about their country, expresses itself entirely in its native language! The initiative is praised due to the notoriety of the two tracks, welcomed with enthusiasm by the audience before a new intermission. 

Groupe sud coréen ONEUS en concert à Paris le 12 novembre 2023

This intermission, the third since the evening's opening, breaks the established rhythm, especially since it will extend exceptionally after a medley of Queen's "We Will Rock You" and Sting's "Shape Of My Heart", along with the performance of "A Song Written Easily" due to a technical problem. This forced break requires the group to improvise, demonstrating improvisation skills but also involving the audience. After more than fifteen minutes of waiting, the evening can continue! Revitalized, the members of ONEUS go on to perform three songs: "Unforgettable", "STUPID LOVE" and "Airplane" before a video starts, introducing a new chapter of the concert. 

The second part of the show unfolds similarly to the first. The choice of songs highlights the group's latest releases without forgetting the old ones. A fair balance that delights the entire audience, from longtime fans to the curious. However, the too frequent breaks, every two to three songs, prevent the show from building up momentum. This is despite performances of tracks such as "Lion Heart", "No Diggity", or "BLACK MIRROR". The intention to present all aspects of ONEUS's personalities by dividing the concert into chapters with different musicalities was, nevertheless, a good idea to demonstrate the group's commitment to its fans.

For its first performance on a French stage in a period of consecutive concerts, ONEUS managed to fulfill the contract: the venue had a nearly sold-out attendance rate, and the audience left happy after a performance lasting over two and a half hours. The balanced setlist proves that the group embraces its past, although marked by Ravn's departure. However, the too many breaks deprived ONEUS of a flawless performance. Nevertheless, we hope that the quintet will return to perform on our stages in the near future.


Our entire team would like to express gratitude to ONEUS and LiveNation France for making this live report possible.

Find all our photos at this address: HERE

© Photos: Gaëlle PONS for KARAOME - ONEUS

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