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P1Harmony announces its return with a first full album!

In early January, P1Harmony officially unveiled their plans for a February comeback.

Comeback P1Harmony

The group is set to release their very first full-length album, titled "때깔 (Killin' It)" digitally on February 5. The physical version of the album will be available two days later, on February 7.

P1Harmony, a six-member group under FNC Entertainment, needs no introduction today, having debuted on October 28, 2020, almost four years ago ! Despite its four years in the industry, this comeback is significant as it marks the release of its first full-length album.

For promotional activities, pre-orders started on January 19, allowing the most eager fans to already secure their copy. The tracklist was revealed today. This opus will be composed of 10 tracks including the main song "때깔 (Killin' It)".

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