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Perfume is preparing for its comeback with a new opus.

After the end of its "PLASMA" tour, the Perfume trio announces its comeback.

Perfume, a Japanese pop group, is known for its composition based on electronic sounds. The last opus, "PLASMA", was released during the year 2022 and was followed by the tour of the same name, which has now ended. On May 31, the Blu-Ray which retraces this tour was released. A few months later, the trio returns preparing for its comeback.

Indeed, a week ago, the singers unveiled the release of a new opus. On September 6, "MOON", Perfume's next single, will be released. If you are in Japan and you had the chance to attend the "PERFUME live 2023" concert, you were able to discover in preview the title "Love Cloud" which will be present on this new opus.

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