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PIXY closer to its fans for its second visit to Paris!

PIXY's second Parisian concert at La Maroquinerie, this early December, was a dynamic and memorable experience for K-pop fans.

Groupe sud coréen PIXY lors de son concert parisien le 03 décembre 2023

Groupe sud coréen PIXY lors de son concert parisien le 03 décembre 2023

The event kicked off with an energetic performance by dance group IMPACT made up of the winners of the K-POP WORLD FESTIVAL competition, creating an energetic and electric vibe from the start. The band covers several K-Pop hits, warming up the audience for the arrival of the headliner. At 8:40 p.m., PIXY takes over the stage starting its show with three catchy songs, highlighting the dancing qualities of the four members.

Despite the captivating visual performance, the presence of playback surprises. The four performers then transform into dancers during these first three pieces. This does not prevent the audience from enjoying the show and supporting the group by dancing and applauding vigorously.

Groupe sud coréen PIXY lors de son concert parisien le 03 décembre 2023

Despite SUA's absence due to health reasons, PIXY maintains a special connection with its audience. La Maroquinerie, a flagship meeting for rising artists, with a maximum capacity of around 500 people, offers a unique proximity between artists and fans, thus creating a warm atmosphere. In addition, the absence of a crash barrier, allowing fans to be as close as possible to the stage, adds to this intimate and intimate atmosphere.

After a first break during which the members of PIXY greet the audience and introduce themselves, the concert resumes with songs, this time, performed live. And who says absence of playback, says absence of catchy choreographies. Despite this, it is the perfect time to get closer to the public and increase the moments of exchange and complicity.

Groupe sud coréen PIXY lors de son concert parisien le 03 décembre 2023

After two new songs, "중독 (Addicted)" and "Moonlight", both from PIXY's second mini-album, "Fairy forest: Temptation", released at the end of 2021, the four young women are withdrawing to make way for guest of this evening: HOLLAND. His notable entrance as a guest adds a special dimension to the concert. Despite some technical problems, HOLLAND offers an exceptional vocal performance through four tracks, including "NUMBER BOY", released on March 30, 2023.

With a warm welcome from the audience, he took advantage of his time to discuss and even perform a walkabout, appreciated by all the fans. Despite everything, the increase in break times and technical incidents affect the overall energy of the evening.

Groupe sud coréen PIXY lors de son concert parisien le 03 décembre 2023

After HOLLAND's performance, PIXY returns to the stage for another moment of exchange with her audience since a Q&A is organized. We will note, unfortunately, the translator's difficulties in providing clear translations for the fans, thus breaking the energy conveyed by the group's return on stage. Without letting themselves be discouraged, and like the professionals that they are, the members of PIXY then move on to five new songs, interspersed with small moments of discussion. “귓속말 (WHISPER)” and “Greedy” restart the concert, followed by “편지 (The Letter)” and “P.S”. Finally, ending the evening, “Truth or Dare”, concludes a rich and varied set list.

Faced with audience demand, waiting for an encore, PIXY returned to the stage a few minutes later to perform one last track. “불러불러 (Call Me)”, released on December 14, 2021, is perfect to conclude this evening. Festive and warm, it puts a satisfied smile on each of the faces present, introducing the end-of-year period which arrives a few weeks later. A sweetness that enchants and transmits the desire to see PIXY develop further and return.

In conclusion, this second PIXY concert in Paris was an evening full of surprises, both pleasant and disruptive to the progress of the show. It was, however, an unforgettable experience for the fans in attendance. The diversity of performances, the strong interaction with the public and the announcements of a possible future tour contributed to making this event a success. PIXY therefore continues its rise, driven by the enthusiasm of the French and European public, already ready to welcome them again!

Groupe sud coréen PIXY lors de son concert parisien le 03 décembre 2023

The entire KARAOME team wanted to thank PIXY, HOLLAND and EnvolProd for allowing the organization of this live report.

To find all the photos from the concert, go to its gallery: HERE.

© Photo credits: Gaëlle PONS (KARAOME)

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