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RADWIMPS announces its new single “Seikai”!

After a meteoric rise since the release of the film “Your Name” in 2016 and “SUZUME” in 2022, RADWIMPS announces a new single.

groupe japonais Radwimps

RADWIMPS is a pop rock group that started in 2001 but it was in 2003 that their first album was released. That same year, the trio joined the Newtraxx label and released their first album, "RADWIMPS", and continued releases until 2016. The animated film "Your Name" was released and it was a rise for the trio group which created the original soundtrack, “Kimi no Na wa”.

A few years later, in 2022, RADWIMPS once again signs a soundtrack for the film "SUZUME" which will be its third collaboration with Makoto Shinkai. For the year 2023, the group was on a world tour including a visit to Paris on May 28.

To start this new year, the trio announces the release of their new single entitled “Seikai”. This new opus is scheduled for February 28 and will be a limited edition that you can already pre-order on the CDJapan website. More information is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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