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RIIZE is starting 2024 with a comeback!

Boy group RIIZE, under the umbrella of SM Entertainment, is preparing to mark the start of 2024 with a new single scheduled for January 5.

Groupe sud coréen RIIZE

Formed in September 2023, RIIZE is a relatively new group that has quickly captured the attention of fans.

After a wait of two months since the release of their previous title "Talk Saxy", the group returns in force with this new single. This new single, entitled “Love 119” arrives at the start of 2024, on January 5 and fans’ anticipation is at its peak. This event goes well beyond a simple comeback, because it also announces the long-awaited return of Seunghan, after a period of hiatus.

The year 2024 thus begins under the auspices of RIIZE's music, and fans are ready to welcome this new stage with great anticipation. This comeback promises to be the prelude to a busy year for this promising young group.

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