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RIIZE unveils the MV for “IMPOSSIBLE” and its schedule for this summer.

After long weeks of teasing, RIIZE unveils the MV for "IMPOSSIBLE" as well as a long schedule leading us until August.

Groupe sud coréen RIIZE

Comprised of seven members, it was only a few months earlier that RIIZE debuted. It was on September 7, 2023 that the band officially launched their career by being broadcast on MCountdown where they performed the tracks “Get a Guitar”, “Memories” and “Siren”. A few months later, singer Sughan unfortunately put his activities on hiatus for an indefinite period.

At the start of 2024, RIIZE released a new single, entitled “Love 119”, which earned him his first victory during MCountdown on January 18. Building on this success, on April 3, the group unveiled a full version of its pre-debut teaser for the single “Siren”.

This opus is part of the first EPRiizing which is scheduled for release in June. While waiting for this date, the band has planned a whole program because no less than four singles will see the light of day: “IMPOSSIBLE” which was released on April 18, “9 Days”, “Honestly” and “One Kiss” scheduled for April 29.

In addition, RIIZE also revealed the dates of its first tour "Riizing Day" which will begin on May 4 and whose finale will take place on August 31 with a visit to nine countries.

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