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RIKIMARU's first album!

Using his versatility, singer RIKIMARU announces the release of his first studio album!

RIKIMARU chanteur solo japonais

Known on the Japanese music scene for his activities within the group WARPs UP and his dancing talents, RIKIMARU formalizes his solo debut as a singer!

After a first release in the form of a digital single, "TALKIN'BOUT", on July 27, RIKIMARU announces the production of his first solo album! Entitled “CLOWN OR CROWN”, this opus highlights the difficulty of really knowing who we are and what we are here for. The main track, "I AM RIKI", is a demonstration of this following a protagonist who becomes amnesiac after a violent accident, in search of his identity.

RIKIMARU took part in all the stages of creating this opus, personalizing it and molding it to his image. A perfect way to present yourself to the public!

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