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Rolling Quartz's first European tour!

The five rockers of Rolling Quartz have just announced their first European tour with a stop in Paris!

groupe de rock sud coréen Rolling Quartz

There are five of them and they stand out from the South Korean groups which occupy the center stage. Armed with their guitars, bass and drums, the rockers of Rolling Quartz are determined to prove that South Korea can also rhyme with Rock!

Rolling Quartz officially began at the end of 2020 and released its first single, “BLAZE”, a real success which today has more than 1.2 million views on YouTube. The rock melodies are catchy and heady, allowing Rolling Quartz to rise to the forefront and to consider, after only two and a half years, three singles and a mini-album, a first European tour!

This tour will begin on January 24 in Paris, at the Café de la Danse, and will be followed by five other dates in four different countries. England, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland will therefore have the chance to welcome them.

Regarding tickets, they have been available since September 15. Only one ticket is on sale: a free entry entry for €51. This ticket can be supplemented by additional tickets:

. Early entry at the price of €40 (entrance 1 hour in advance and access to soundchecks)

. Group photo at the price of 40€

. Individual photo at the price of €86 completed by a dedication

Finally, it was on September 20 that Rolling Quartz released its third single, “Fearless”, of which here is the MV:

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