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SEKAI NO OWARI announces a new album!

While last September the opus “Saikou Toutatsuten” was released, the group SEKAI NO OWARI returns with a new album for this spring.

groupe japonais SEKAI NO OWARI

Are you fans of anime? So you must have already heard at least once the group SEKAI NO OWARI, known for being the author of numerous anime openings. Randomly, that of One Piece, "The Peak", from the opus "Saikou Toutatsuten". At the start of the year, the quartet returns with the announcement of a new album.

Indeed, scheduled for March 13, this new opus will be called “Nautilus” and will be available in three different versions. One so-called Normal version, two Limited Deluxe versions which will each contain 3 CDs as well as a Blu-Ray or DVD. This opus will be composed of twelve titles, which all have the common points of being either anime theme songs or drama soundtracks... With the exception of the track "ユートピア" (UTOPIA)

But that's not all... If you are lucky enough to be in Japan this year, know that SEKAI NO OWARI will begin an arena tour starting March 16 and ending on August 12. An opportunity not to be missed!

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