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SF9 returns, after a year, with its thirteenth mini-album!

One year after the release of “THE PIECE OF 9”, dated January 9, 2023, SF9 returns with its thirteenth mini-album!

groupe sud coréen SF comeback "SEQUENCE"

After a rather quiet year for the members of SF9, the group has just announced the upcoming release of its thirteenth mini-album. This opus, entitled "SEQUENCE", will be released on January 8, one year after the release of "THE PIECE OF 9". The number of tracks present in this mini-album has not yet been revealed, however the main song will be titled “비보라 (BIBORA)”. The teasers will be released on January 3 and 6 respectively.

Since the announcement, different concept photos have been revealed sharing several atmospheres to the public. We thus discover soft worlds, mixing brightness and sweetness, all in a rather childish setting. But also a darker side with the concept "Fearless", demonstrating a desire to create an opus with different personalities.

SF9 should once again demonstrate its talents through this new opus. Let's also remember that on December 9, rapper Hwiyoung released his second digital single, "HBD", in which it is possible to discover his singing qualities.

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