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SiM confirms its desire to export!

Thanks to the success of "THE RUMBLING", SiM affirms its desire to meet its international audience.

If the success and fame of SiM, active since 2004, is no longer to prove to fans of Japanese music, and more particularly of j-metal, the group still has everything to do with the international community! The stunning success of the song "THE RUMBLING", opening of part 01 of the Season Final of the anime "Shingeki no Kyojin", will have opened up an almost clear road for him!

Indeed, SiM will perform for the first time on the European continent next June on the occasion of the English festival, Download Festival, and for a one-man live, still in the English capital, on June 13th.

Moreover, in order to consolidate its position, the group has just revealed that it is behind the opening of the second part of the Season Finale of “SNK”! The latter has been broadcast since yesterday, with a first episode of almost an hour, and its credits, "UNDER THE TREE" is already on YouTube.

Finally, in order to support this turning point, SiM reveals having signed with the American label Shelter Music Group for all of its international activities. Tour dates are reportedly being planned and a sixth studio album should see the light of day by this summer. The surge of SiM on the metal/rock world has only just begun!

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