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SPYAIR is back this summer!

After two years of absence and the arrival of a new singer, SPYAIR returns with the release of a new opus.

After two years during which the group, in the form of a trio after the cessation of IKE's activities, sought a second breath, found again thanks to YOSUKE, its new singer. SPYAIR is back with the announcement of a new release!

This digital single, entitled "RE-BIRTH", was released on July 7th and is available on streaming platforms. In addition, it should be noted that this new track will serve as the theme song for the "JUST LIKE THIS 2023" event to be held on August 11 in Fukikyu, at the foot of Mount Fuji! This first live performance will also be the induction of YOSUKE as the new voice of SPYAIR!

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