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SPYAIR is releasing a Live DVD for Christmas!

Despite slower activities since last March and the departure of IKE (Vo.), SPYAIR announces the forthcoming release of a new Live DVD.

The final departure of IKE, singer of SPYAIR, will have had the effect of a bomb on the activities of the group. However, despite everything, the remaining trio, consisting of MOMIKEN (Ba.), UZ (Gt. & Pr.) and KENTA (Dr.), are actively looking for a new voice to resume the four-man activities.

However, the trio does not stand still and shows its fans its desire to exist. As proof: the announcement of the release of a Live DVD for December 28th. It will contain the last concert given as a quartet during the finale of the "Best of The Best" tour organized after the release of the best-of album of the same name in August 2021. This finale was held in Nagoya on December 26, 2021 .

Produced only in the form of a limited edition, it will contain no less than 17 live tracks for an exploration of SPYAIR's complete discography: from "LIAR" to "Wadachi~". Titles such as "Imagination", "JUST ONE LIFE" or "Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot)" are of course present.

A nice Christmas gift for all fans eager to find SPYAIR!

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