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SPYAIR signs the soundtrack of the first Haikyü film!

Three years after the end of the fourth season of Haikyü, for which SPYAIR wrote the ending, the group created the film's soundtrack!

groupe japonais SPYAIR

Propelled onto the international music scene thanks to "IMAGINATION", the first opening of the anime Haikyü, SPYAIR is making its comeback by creating the soundtrack for the film from the series. Fully anticipated by fans, this film, entitled “Haikyuu: Gomi Suteba no Kessen”, will mark the fifth season of Haikyü, the broadcast of which ended in December 2020... So more than three years ago!

SPYAIR has been alongside Hinata's fans for three seasons out of four, producing two openings, "IMAGINATION" (season 1, episodes 1 to 13) and "I'm a Believer" (season 2, episodes 1 to 13) but also the The final ending of the anime, “ONE DAY”. It is therefore with a certain logic that SPYAIR announces the song "ORANGE". The song will be released in physical format on February 14, while the film will be broadcast in Japanese cinemas from the 16th. Programming on Crunchyroll is to be considered.

Also note that this release will mark the first physical release of SPYAIR in its new form since the group welcomed YOSUKE a few months after the departure of IKE. The opportunity, thanks to this collaboration with the Haikyü franchise, to show that SPYAIR has not lost its identity, quite the contrary!

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