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STAYC brings a breath of freshness and innocence for their first Parisian concert!

STAYC made a stop in Paris as part of their first world tour, which began in 2023, [STAYC 1ST WORLD TOUR - TEENFRESH], with a Parisian date at the prestigious Salle Pleyel!

Groupe sud coréen STAYC premier concert parisien

Despite the apparent challenge of a venue that can accommodate up to 2500 people for their first performance in France, the six members of STAYC rose to the occasion brilliantly!

From the opening of the doors, one can note the impeccable organization that allows all fans to enter the venue quickly. This is particularly appreciated given the inclement weather conditions that day. In a second gesture, the organizers distributed exclusive photocards of STAYC to the fans. A special edition for this first appearance in Paris. A touching gesture from the organizer, putting the comfort of the audience at the forefront of their concerns. This opening, which may seem insignificant to some, actually sets the tone for the rest of the concert!

Groupe sud coréen STAYC premier concert parisien

The concert begins at 8 p.m. sharp with a dynamic introduction! STAYC starts off with a bang, delivering some very energetic tracks. A perfect introduction to warm up the audience and set the scene. STAYC is clearly banking on a performance worthy of the biggest groups! The lighting effects are intended to be spectacular, while the public is attacked several times by explosions of confetti. Video supports, impressively produced, and several outfit changes also punctuate the evening. We feel that everyone is made to make this first meeting unforgettable for the SWITHs, the name of STAYC fans.

The six singers' performance alternates between synchronized choreographies, evidence of meticulous work and professional dedication, and moments focusing on their exceptional voices. The latter confirms the vocal qualities of the six members, further enhancing their growing popularity. The vocalizations elicit admiration from the fans, who maintain unparalleled energy throughout the concert, matching what STAYC gives them.

Groupe sud coréen STAYC premier concert parisien

The multiple breaks sometimes interrupted the flow of the concert but were always emotionally engaging moments between the members of STAYC and the SWITHs! The six artists also wore outfits specially designed for this first French concert. They also learned a few words in French thanks to the audience, exchanging moments of complicity. Common singing moments also found their place. From the first note to the final one, STAYC's entire performance overflows with affection and love, in a reciprocal exchange of mutual support between fans and artists.

STAYC has left a lasting impression with this first performance at Salle Pleyel. Like a promise made under a starry sky, reflected in the numerous lightsticks present, STAYC promises to continue their ascent in the South Korean music scene, to grow and return, stronger, and more impressive, in the near future. Despite the challenge posed by Salle Pleyel, STAYC has asserted itself and will surely use this first stage as a springboard for a promising future.

Groupe sud coréen STAYC premier concert parisien

The entire KARAOME team would like to thank STAYC, their management, and MAGICSOUND KPOP for making this live report possible.


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