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Stray Kids is preparing its third album!

Two years after "NO EASY", Stray Kids announces the upcoming release of its third album!

Less than three weeks after its remarkable performance on the stage of La Défense Arena during the Music Bank, Stray Kids announces that it is preparing its third album! A news that delights all of the Stays despite the busy schedule of the eight members...

Almost two years after the release of "NO EASY" and the famous "Thunderous", Stray Kids is preparing the production of "5-STAR" for June 2nd. It will consist of twelve tracks, all unreleased, including the main track "륵 (S-CLASS)" as well as a feat with Tiger K, "TOPLINE". Note that Bang Chan, Chang Bin, Han and even Félix participated in the writing and composition of the songs. Bang Chan also worked on the musical arrangement phase.

The promotional schedule has been shared on social networks, and a first teaser was posted less than a week ago. Teaser videos and photoshoots are planned over the next few weeks to keep all fans waiting.

This new album is also great news for French Stays! Remember, Stray Kids will be headlining the famous Lollapalooza festival next July. The opportunity to listen to this new album live in preview!

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